What Is SPP For a Canadian Study Visa?

If you have always wanted to join a Canadian college, then you should be aware of the SPP program. When applying, however, you have the freedom to apply through the program or not, but there are of course advantages of applying under the SPP. The major difference between SPP programs and non-SPP applications is basically the number of documents that will be required for your study visa to be processed.

SPP, Student Partnership Program is arrangement between Canadian High Commissions and Canadian colleges to offer easy and quick study visas for prospective students. The processing of study visas is therefore faster and easier under the program and the documents required are not that many as it would be the case with the non-SSP applications.

Documents required under the SPP

· There are a number of documents you will be required to avail when applying for study visa under the SSP program. These are;

· Letters of Acceptance from the colleges under the program

· IELTS score sheet that test English proficiency. You need an overall band of 6.0 for any undergraduate course and 6.5 for postgraduate programs

· Bachelor’s degree or three years Advance Diploma with 50% minimum and above for postgraduate courses

· 12th grade mark sheet with 55% score and above for any undergraduate programs

· Proof of work experience and payment of tuition fee

· Guaranteed investment certificate for living expenses; usually at $10,000

· Visa fee of $150

· Medical results from approved panel doctors

The advantages of applications under the SPP

As a candidate interested in a study visa to Canada, you have the freedom to choose to go the SPP path or not. But the many advantages under the program are what have probably attracted many to apply under it. When you apply under SPP, you will enjoy:

· Less visa documentation requirements

· Streamlined admission for participating institutions and visa guidelines for the same

· Faster visa processing that could take as few as 5 to 10 working days

· Assured quality of the institution you are about to join

· Advance medical reports

· Post study work options

Working after studies under the SPP

As an international student under the SPP program, you enjoy post study work options. This means that you can easily attain a work permit after graduating with a recognized qualification from the SPP accredited institutions in Canada. The work permit scheme comes with defined requirements and you must satisfy them to qualify to work in the country.

In general, students taking up courses lasting for two years and more are eligible for post study work permits that can be as long as three years in Canada. This is according to the prevailing work permit regulations in the country. For course durations that are a year of less, students are eligible for a work permit that equals the study duration.

If you are interested in a study visa to Canada, it is important that you start by weighing your options and choosing a good direction. The SPP is one of the best programs you can use for the process.