Obtaining an Exam for the Citizenship Application

There is plenty of paperwork and documentation to complete if you would like to apply to become a citizen of the USA. Finding one of the immigration medical exam locations close to you that has openings is important. These appointments can fill up quickly so you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get it scheduled. Even if you call today, it can be weeks.


The internet can help you to find immigration medical exam locations and providers. You can select them by state, zip code, or a geographical area. If you live in a small town, you may have to drive a few hours to find a facility. This type of exam can’t be done by just any doctor. It has to be done by someone who is authorized to complete this specific type of documentation.


In order for the information to count towards the requirements for a green card, you must follow the rules. The immigration medical exam locations with providers who can do this for you are widely spread out. The doctor must be authorized by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

In additional to medical facilities such as private practices and hospitals, you may find such providers at military basis. They have the authorization to perform the medical exam on those who may not have citizenship but they are in the USA military branches. They can typically perform them for those enlisted members, veterans, and their immediate family members.


Most of the immigration medical exam locations have a set price for this type of service. You may wish to inquire about it at the time you call to make an appointment. Payment is expected at the date of the exam unless prior arrangements have been made. If you can’t afford to pay for it, ask about other options they may have. Some have a sliding scale or payment plans in house.

Preparing for your Appointment

Once you have found immigration medical exam locations and secured an appointment, you need to get ready for it. Make sure you arrive a bit early so you don’t end up having to reschedule. Account for traffic and other variables that you have no control over. You will need to have your I-693 form with you. This is for the exam and for your vaccinations.

You will need to have a government issued ID with you. They won’t see you without this information as there is no way to prove you are who you say you are. For children, their parents need to show ID. A birth certificate is also going to be required. Bring information regarding any vaccinations you have received including the names of them and the dates.

What to Expect

The exact procedures that will be done can vary based on specific immigration medical exam locations. However, you should plan to fill out paperwork that documents your medical history and family history. The doctor will go through this basic information with you. They will check your weight, blood pressure, and other vital signs.

Testing will be done for a variety of communicable diseases. The most common one they test for is Tuberculosis. It takes about 3 days to get the test results back. The doctor will complete the I-693 form as much as they can. They won’t be able to sign it as completed though until the test results are back.

If you lack any vaccinations, you may be set up to return for appointments to get them. They can’t all be given at once. The doctor won’t seal and send your I-693 until all of the vaccinations are current and the testing results are confirmed as negative. If they are positive, treatment plans have to be put into motion.