What Situations Can Lead To DUI Charges?

DUI, driving under the influence is one of the most common offense most drivers face. Driving while drunk is the image that immediately pops into mind when DUI is mentioned. Even though the charges associated are for drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated with alcohol, it is not always about the alcohol. There are so many other substances that can leave a driver in a state of intoxication and they also fall under DUI and can amount to the charges.

Drug intoxication

Apart from the alcohol, there are a number of illegal substances that can amount to the charges. There is a wide classification of drugs and their legality varies from one state to another or from one country to another. The fact is that sometimes even prescription drugs that induce intoxication can cause trouble for you. Whereas alcohol seems to be the major culprit with the charges, you risk additional charges if you are found under the influence of other types of drugs.

Possession of drugs

What you should remember is that even being in possession of substances in your car when an officer suspects you are driving under the influence can also land you in trouble. Upon pulling you over with suspicion, the officer has the right to search your car. On finding any illegal substances in your car and your driving was suspicious enough to suggest that you are under the influence, you can be faced with DUI charges and be arrested.

Risky or suspicious driving behavior

DUI offenses can also arise even for drivers whose blood alcohol content is not over 0.8 in some cases. A law enforcement officer can slap you with a DUI arrest after making some driving observations with you that could suggest that you are intoxicated. Some of the behaviors that can amount to the DUI charges include making or trying to make very narrow or very wide turns, slow driving that is too alert, dangerous driving sometimes nearly crashing into things or people, and drifting on the road recklessly. Sudden breaking that seems too frequent, neglecting marked lanes and driving on center lines can also be observations that can lead to charges under DUI.

Responsible driving is very important and to keep off legal issues, it is best that you stick to the rules and regulations. But in case you find yourself faced with a DUI charge, you can always seek legal assistance from a DUI lawyer. A professional DUI attorney can help in dismissing the case if you were wrongfully arrested or can also help in reducing the penalties in case you were actually intoxicated when driving. Because of how severe the consequences of the offense can be, it is best that you choose a lawyer who has what it takes to handle the case in the most professional way possible. There are so many defenses your DUI lawyer can use to try and turn things in your favor and probably even save you from prison time.