The Possible Consequences Of A DUI Offense And Getting Help

DUI offenses seem to be ever growing and law enforcement authorities are eager to reduce this by punishing drivers who choose to get behind the wheel intoxicated. DUI offenses are not light handles and the penalties can be hefty for those who are found guilty of the offenses. There are so many serious consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance and the offense consequences are just as serious.

Driver’s license suspension

One of the outcomes you will face immediately you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol is to have your license taken away. The arresting officer has the right to do this on the spot and provide you with a temporary permit that will make it possible for you to continue driving for at least 30 days more before the license is suspended or revoked. The suspension can be for at least six months or can go up to a year in case you have refused to take a blood test or a breathalyzer test. In case you have been convicted of DUI previously, the license can be suspended for as long as ten years.

SR22 insurance and alcohol awareness classes

If you are able to challenge driver’s license suspension and you are allowed to keep it, you may end up being required to attain an SR22 insurance that is designed with high risk drivers in mind and therefore costs so much more than the standard once. The costs to you may not end up on the insurance, but could also extend to alcohol and drug awareness classes that you may be required to attend and for which you pay as well. The classes can take up to 9 months and this means footing all the costs throughout the period.

Fines and Prison time

Apart from having your license revoked and paying penalties for the DUI offense, there is a very high possibility that you could end up in jail. This is usually very possible in situations where you caused injuries or worst still death to people as you drove under the influence. The prison time can be anything from 6 months and over depending on the circumstances. DUI fines can be hefty too sometimes hitting the $2000 mark. It all depends on the severity of the offense; those with previous convictions of the same face more severe fines and suspensions in most cases.

Reputation effects

Criminal records always have an impact on your personal reputation and history and this is something that can affect your career or job. A bad reputation does not appear too good, even among family members and it can affect how people treat you.

Getting help

Even with all the consequences that come with driving under the influence, a skillful DUI lawyer can help you go through the cases and choose the best strategy to use to turn the case around to your favor. The professional help can reduce the sentence or penalties or even have the case dismissed.