Falsely Accused Of Rape? What To Do

Sex crimes are handled very seriously and the consequences can be extreme for those found guilty. Sexual assault, rape, child pornography, child molestation, indecent exposure and sodomy of minor are some of the crimes that fall under the category. Rape is the most common of all and a number of men have found themselves in the situations where they have to deal with rape cases.

The fact is that in some cases the women are actually victims of rape but there are some cases that are actually unfounded and false. There are dishonest women who would go to any length to get back at an ex whereas some report rape to cover up embarrassing moments they got involved in. Sometimes alcohol deluded memories can lead to such misunderstandings and as an innocent man you definitely will have a need to clear your name. Being falsely accused of rape can land you in prison before the truth comes out and there is therefore a need to take the necessary actions as soon as the accusations are made. You really do not want to lose your job or pay fines and probably spend time in prison for a crime you did not commit.

1. Keep your emotions under control – If there is one thing you will feel like doing when you have been accused of rape then it is to confront the accuser. The confrontation will of course be a very angry one and there is never telling what you might actually end up doing. For this reason, it is important that you try to keep calm, however angering the accusations are. You will only be in a position to think clearly about what to do next when you are under control.

2. Keep off the accuser – Making contact with the accuser can lead to more accusations and so you want to try as much as possible to stay clear of them. Even if you feel you can convince them to drop the charges, it is something that could lead to more problems. If you must meet or contact the your accuser, then make sure you are in the company of a third party or you doing it over text messages or emails that can be given in their original form rather than phone calls whose contents can be made up.

3. Get a criminal defense lawyer – Rape allegations are very serious and hiring an attorney is one of the wisest move you can make to get off the hook. The lawyer will be in a position to help with the accusations you are facing and will guide you through out the process. They will also be able to put together witnesses and go over the details for a better presentation in court.

4. Think about the motives – If you have been falsely accused of rape, then chances are there are actually motives behind the whole thing. Together with your attorney, you can work to unveil what these motives are. A former partner may attempt to taint your image with the accusations may be out of jealousy whereas a consensual partner may end up accusing you because there is a drug or alcohol involvement making them hazy about what transpired.